AskReg - a registry query utility for MS Windows

What is it?

AskReg is a simple command-line utility for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000. It allows queries of the registry from the command-line and is therefore suitable for use in batch files and login scripts.

AskReg allows queries against both registry key names and values, and returns error codes, key values, and batch-file specific strings as appropriate.

Why would I use it?

Let's say you're writing a login script. Or planning to roll out a package. You don't have any of the big commercial programs to help you (or hinder you), all you want to do is to find out whether your clients have a particular program installed.

AskReg can help. If the program puts an entry in the registry (and there's not many that don't), you can just add a call to AskReg to your batch file and handle it accordingly.

AskReg is released under the GNU GPL license, and comes with the source code, documentation and examples. What more could you need?

Where do I get it?

AskReg is available from the AskReg project page, where you can also find out how to obtain the latest releases of the code direct from CVS. If you want to have a look at the current state of the code in CVS, click here.

Go on, you know you want to. :)

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